Houston Alaska Youth

Youth 360 Grand Opening Houston

Grand Opening Invitation! Come join us to celebrate the launch of Houston Youth 360 June 3rd 2019 from 2-4pm! Youth 360 is an initiative that connects local youth to their peers, parents and community to increase health and wellness throughout the Mat-Su. The more connected a young person is, the greater the likelihood of becoming […]

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Composting in Alaska

Contributed by DG: “From the UAF: Composting is a wonderful way for gardeners to convert unwanted organic waste, such as leaves, branches and old stalks from the garden, into “black gold” for the soil. Compost incorporated into the soil improves drainage and water retention by improving soil structure. As the compost breaks down,it slowly releases […]

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Recycling notes

Op-Ed Contributed by Sammy Taylor “Today a familiar face came to recycle. This time he brought his partner and child. Last time I saw her was almost two years ago when she was pregnant. I think I’ve been talking with this partnership for four or five years now. First they brought their household recycling plus […]

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