2018 Governor’s Transition FAQ


All Commissioners, Deputy Directors ASDs and HRMs
Leslie Ridle, Commissioner
Department of Administration
Date: November 20, 2018
Subject: Updated FAQ’s Leaving State Employment
We have developed the following FAQs to answer questions about the possible resignations of PX/EX employees.
These FAQs will be posted on the Division of Personnel’s website and on the Division of Retirement and Benefits
websites. If your employees have questions that are not answered here, they can contact Kate Sheehan at kate.sheehan@alaska.gov.
Thank you.
FAQs for the Transition____________________________________________________________________
Q. If a person doesn’t hear back from the transition team by 12/3, do they
assume they are getting laid off at noon on Monday, or will they get a definitive statement either way?
A. If you are interested in keeping your position and have indicated this to the transition team, you should continue working until you hear otherwise from the transition team. Therefore, there should be no assumptions and you should report to work on 12/3. Rather, employees will be advised if their resignation is accepted or not.
Q. Does a person who wants to stay need to put an application on the website or does their email suffice?
A. No, a person needs to express interest on the website only if interested in a different position.
Q. Are there more emails coming or was the 11/16 email the entire list of who will be asked to leave?

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