Earthquake map 9 dec 2018

Earthquake and Aftershock Map as of 9 December 2018

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Here is a map of recent earthquakes and aftershocks. You probably felt the strong one this morning.

Earthquake map 9 dec 2018
Earthquake map 9 dec 2018

The USGS is working closely with Alaskan state scientists and emergency managers. Right now, aftershocks are at the forefront of discussion. USGS scientists know that there will be more aftershocks and some will be larger than others, but the aftershocks will decrease in frequency over time. As of December 3rd, 15:00 UTC, 170 aftershocks of magnitude 3 or above have occurred since the mainshock, including a magnitude 5.7 aftershock at 17:35 UTC on November 30th, just 7 minutes after the magnitude 7.0 mainshock. USGS and other scientists cannot predict the exact time, location and magnitude of any specific earthquake.

Since the 1964 Alaskan earthquake, a magnitude 9.2, Alaska has had 144 earthquakes above magnitude 6.

Source: Alaska Earthquake Center, U.S.G.S. 2018 Earthquake

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