Alaska 7 Day Emergency Kit

Community Preparedness

Submitted by Dennis R. Garrett WRCQ996

This plan from will guide you to build an Alaskan 7 Day Emergency kit over 12 weeks to make it easier on your budget. I would suggest a few more items, and plan for 21 days:

Communication: FRS/GMRS hand-held radios for everyone in your family and neighbors, with spare batteries. Establish a “Commo Window”, for example 8 am, Noon, 6 pm, so the radios or cell phones don’t need to be on all the time. If you use a higher-powered GMRS radio, you need a license from the FCC except in a dire emergency.

Also get a rechargeable power pack for your phone, I recommend Anker brand. Be sure that you have cords for all your devices. Another handy tool is a pair of battery clips with a socket that looks like a cigarette lighter, with a fused USB insert. This way you can attach your charger to any 12v battery system. To save your phone charge the battery packs, it’s better to lose a $40 power pack than your phone.

Fuel: Add sta-bil to your fuel, this helps to prevent it from going bad, still rotate your supply as often as you can. Use a piece of tape and a sharpie to note the dates filled, and if it’s pre-mixed for 2 cycle. If you have a generator have everything you need, such as engine oil, spare spark plug, etc. Never run a generator indoors.

Water: Treat and rotate your water supply as recommended as often as possible. The 7 gallon Reliance containers are well-suited for this, that’s the one gallon/person/day recommended. You will need more for your animals. Use a piece of tape and a sharpie to keep the dates straight.

Food: Never eat if you don’t have plenty of water to drink. Never eat snow for water if you can avoid it, it saps energy from you. Instead, if you must melt snow or ice for drinking/cooking, add a little water to the Billie (pot) and while heating add snow or ice. Depending upon the snow, it may take a lot to make a little water. And instead of using soap to clean up after a meal, boil everything in your Billie and drink the water. This is an old Mountain Camping trick. After, use snow to give everything a final scrub. Snow is also useful for personal hygiene.

Practice: At least once try out your kit before an emergency, especially with the family and neighbors. This will demonstrate areas of your plan that needs improvement. Don’t wait for an emergency to discover this.

I have more survival tips to add, stay tuned.

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