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New Feature Planned for The New Year: “Spotlight on Local Business”

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Attention local business owners: Beginning in 2019 we at The Big Lake Times are starting a new series titled “Spotlight on Local Business.” These are articles that are focused on a local business in our service area, from Meadow Lakes to Chase. We will be contacting local business owners, and you can help this Community effort by compiling a few facts in advance about your business: The Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why. If you have a slogan, a logo, a website, presence on social media, or something else to add, then add that too. We’ll visit with you and develop the story from there. We have a handy Contact Form and page for your convenience. We will include images, graphics, and other material with your story.

There is no charge for this, because we at The Big Lake Times feel that we can contribute to keep our local businesses and economy alive and thriving. Every dollar you spend locally is multiplied in the Community. And no business is too small, a one-person business is a hard-working individual with something to contribute to the Community, as do all local businesses.

We hope that you will support this endeavor by contributing your business and by shopping locally. We are also planning a new section titled “Local Business and Services Directory”, but that won’t happen without your participation. And no small amount of website coding.

Please visit The Big Lake Chamber of Commerce, they are working for you: “To promote business, enhance economic and community development, and serve as a catalyst for improving the overall quality of life in the Big Lake Community.” These are goals we can all get behind.

No doubt about it: Big Lake is growing and thriving. Now is the time to be involved.

By the way, Community Organizations and Non-Profits are included.

Contact us today to get your message out, and while you’re here check out our great advertising specials. The Big Lake Times is a Community-Powered source of news, weather, events, and more. We have no paid staff, all work is done by volunteer members of the Community and our valued Contributors and Sponsors, all Local Businesses. Your support is appreciated. Join the Big Lake Times today with your free account, and say up to date with news, weather, events, and more, for free.

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