January 15, 2019 Big Lake Community Council agenda

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This is a very full Big Lake Community Council Meeting. Here is the Agenda:

Big Lake Community Council  agenda jan 2019
Big Lake Community Council agenda jan 2019

For copies of these documents in PDF format use our handy contact form and we will email them to you.

Welcome to the Big Lake Community Council https://www.biglakecommunitycouncil.com/

The Big Lake Community Council serves the greater Big Lake area Voting District 10, Precinct 100.

Our Purpose:

To provide a direct and continuing means of citizen participation in government and local affairs; to provide a method by which they can work together for expression and discussion of their opinions, needs and desires in a manner that will have an impact on our community’s development and service; to provide to governmental agencies a method for receiving opinions, needs, desires and recommendations of residents and groups, and to give local governing bodies an improved basis for decision-making and assignment of priorities for all capital improvements and governmental programs affecting community development and individual well-being.

You do not need to be a member to attend the meeting which begins at 7 p.m. sharp, or to speak. Membership is encouraged. This is your local government at work, take a little time to see what’s happening in your community.