The Big Lake Saturday Market and Swap Meet

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Contributed by DG

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to start organizing and planning The Big Lake Saturday Market and Swap Meet. You can help by sharing this post and volunteering to help with the various tasks required to make this project the success it can be.

To get started, I suggest that we form a committee and delegate various tasks to volunteers. Among the tasks include: Locations, dates and times, special features and events, space rental, advertising, and other topics. We should also have a social media presence such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. And we need a way of handling the funds.

One way to handle this is to reserve the spaces (after we have mapped those out) and use a portion of the funds for advertising.

Local growers, beekeepers and poultry farmers, artists and musicians and craftspersons of all types, and anyone with something to sell or trade. Kids with a lemonade stand. Come together and join in this Community effort.

Some suggested locations for The Big Lake Saturday Market and Swap Meet are The Big Lake Lions Rec Center, The Sand Pit, Jordan Lake Park/Big Lake Public Library, areas around Hollywood and Big Lake Road, The Eastlake Mall, and Fish Creek Park. All of these areas are accessible via the bike path and would make a great day of easy walking around Big Lake with the family, meeting your Neighbors, and shopping at local businesses. Use of some of these spaces may require a fee, which will be paid from the funds received from advance space/table rental. This is not a profit-seeking venture, it is for the Community.

Advertising will be a large part of the budget. We can reduce those costs via social media, The Big Lake Times, The People’s Paper, and other outlets including sandwich boards and postings to the message boards around town. Everyone participating in this project has a shared interest in promoting this, and they each can contribute to the success of this venture by various social media means and word of mouth.

To get started planning, everyone interested needs to reply to this, and contact others who may be interested. Best to get on this as soon as possible, we have a lot of work to do to make this a success.

Next we need a plan: Formation, mission statement, assignment of tasks to volunteers, finance, any licenses or insurance, etc. Someone needs to be in charge.

Got the ball rolling, but we have some work to do.

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