Big Lake Community Council Meeting 11 September 2018


General Membership Meeting Minutes: Sept 11, 2018
1. Call to Order/Determination of Quorum
This meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm with a quorum established and board members present as follows: Sandy Baker, President–Cindy Bettine, Vice President—Diane Lada, Secretary– Lois Parker, Member—Steven Hawk, Member.
2. Pledge of Allegiance– group
3. Approval of Agenda—Lois moved to approve the agenda and Diane seconded.
4. Approval of Minutes –Cindy moved to approve the August 14, 2018 meeting minutes, and Diane
seconded without editions.
5. Treasurer’s Report—Yvonne shared the current budget: As of 8/15/18
a. Checking Account balance $23,880.83 (includes grant money)
6. Membership Report– The current membership report is 58 paid members as of last month.
7. Reports—State Legislators—Assistant to Senator Wilson present for questions. Sandy spoke to Prop 1 effects. Recommended to listen to the report overview. Next Tuesday is stand for salmon update.
Assembly—Dan Mayfield is away at the joint School Board meeting tonight. Sandy noted that there is a ballot measure to change the date of the general election (Prop B3). Also investigating the options to developing a police power service area—with meetings, study groups, contractor to evaluate the need.
Along with discussions of road services with a match for subsidized development of Borough-wide
Big Lake Grade School—none tonight
Fire Service—Chief Fairchild is at the 911 ceremonies this evening.
Mid Valley Recycling– Steven Hawk, asked what is number 2 plastic=milk cartons. Number 5 recycling items are like yogurt cartons—trying to educate the community as to what we can recycle. Especially educating our schools and utilize our grant monies to coordinate better recycling. Matsu Valley Rebuild is available and can take recycled materials to be reused for construction.
Road Service–No meeting this month due to a computer platform crash. 8. Correspondence—RCJ Legacy LLC, Limited Marijuana Cultivation was shared.
9. Land Use and Platting–Shoreline Setback Exception-Marshall has been submitted for a single family residence on Flat Lake. Comments need to be into the Borough by Sept 12. A motion was made by Cindy that we send a letter to the Borough that no objections were made to this request for platting – Lois seconded. Sandy will forward this motion to the Borough tomorrow.
10. Guest Speaker—Casey Cook (Emergency Manager for the Borough) presented a PowerPoint about disaster planning and emergency preparedness. Each of us here should have an evacuation plan (fire escape) with communication developed for own homes especially with children. What if our cell phone dies (do you have a land line to use)? Have a plan where to meet if communication routes are not functional. We should have a week’s worth of water/food (gallon of water/person/day) available. Think of storage (water in tubs/sinks plus fill empty jugs). Have a week’s worth of medicine (no expired medications). Also have food and medicine for your pets. Consider an alternate heat source (if natural gas is how you heat/primary) have a back-up plan (wood stove, oil stove). There will be evacuation safety shelters broadcasted (radio and even fire trucks with loud speakers) when a disaster occurs for a meeting point. The three main collection points include the Senior Center in Talkeetna, Menard Center in Wasilla, and the Fairgrounds in Palmer. There will be National/local broadcast tests with our cell phones (via email and text) and radio for emergency preparedness. Keep important documents safe that can be
retrieved in 1-3 minutes (scanned and on a thumb drive) Establishing identity and bank documents
should be accessible. Business owners need a plan to be able to pay staff, and get their community back and running. There are cert training classes for group emergency disaster planning (group of 10 or so). Otto Feather-Director, spoke as well to our management plan here in Big Lake.
11. Persons-To-Be-Heard: Carol Rice, Seniors in Wasilla—there is a campaign to sponsor meals at the Senior Center. Sponsorship is available to help with this program.
Ken Walch spoke about roads in the Borough and concerns for safety at Beaver Lake road and the Fish Creek Crossing. Reports have been submitted about its safety/welfare of the public with a poor response. Floyd Shilanski thanked Sandy for her tribute to the victims of 911. We need to stand up and take our community back, crime and watching out for our neighbors. We need to become a first class community with police service.
Patti Fisher from Meadow Lakes, community council meeting is tomorrow 7pm with a special guest and talk about the economy in the Matsu—please join.
Andy Muir reflected on the 911 events and its effects on our country –all took a moment of silence in their memory.
12. Unfinished Business: None
13. New Business: None
14. Announcements— Transportation Expo on Thursday at the Menard Center (Sandy Baker). Kathy Mayfield noted Swann Loop Trail has been designated at Jordan Park. Trick or Trunk is coming for Halloween—donations are accepted.
15. Board Member’s Comments—Elections to be held in October. Nominate reliable community members to serve. Lois mentioned meetings in the Beaver Lake area re: crime prevention in our communities with the next meeting Oct 4th. Diane appreciative of the trails around Big Lake. Steven is grateful for the plans towards disaster preparedness for our community. Cindy, noted appreciation for Sandy and her ability to encourage others to join us in our upcoming elections and service to our community.
Adjournment– Meeting adjourned 8:28pm

Minutes Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Lada, Secretary

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