From the draft 09/11/18 Big Lake Community Council meeting:


Guest Speaker—Casey Cook (Emergency Manager for the Borough) presented a PowerPoint about disaster planning and emergency preparedness. Each of us here should have an evacuation plan (fire escape) with communication developed for own homes especially with children. What if our cell phone dies (do you have a land line to use)? Have a plan where to meet if communication routes are not functional. We should have a week’s worth of water/food (gallon of water/person/day) available. Think of storage (water in tubs/sinks plus fill empty jugs). Have a week’s worth of medicine (no expired medications). Also have food and medicine for your pets. Consider an alternate heat source (if natural gas is how you heat/primary) have a back-up plan (wood stove, oil stove). There will be evacuation safety shelters broadcasted (radio and even fire trucks with loud speakers) when a disaster occurs for a meeting point. The three main collection points include the Senior Center in Talkeetna, Menard Center in Wasilla, and the Fairgrounds in Palmer. There will be National/local broadcast tests with our cell phones (via email and text) and radio for emergency preparedness. Keep important documents safe that can be retrieved in 1-3 minutes (scanned and on a thumb drive) Establishing identity and bank documents should be accessible. Business owners need a plan to be able to pay staff, and get their community back and running. There are cert training classes for group emergency disaster planning…

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