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Saturday, March 17 2018 @ 02:33 AM AKDT

The Big Lake City Debate is today

Big Lake CityThe Big Lake City Debate takes place today at 4 pm at The Big Lake Rec Center.

Welcome to The Big Lake City Debate Photo by Dennis Garrett

Wasilla Mayor Bert Cottle will be our moderator, and all parties to the debate are asked to arrive early to get familiar with the debate Format and Rules. The Format and Rules, as well as what questions will be selected as debate topics, are selected by the Moderator from publicly-submitted questions and suggestions. Neither side, or The Big Lake Times, knows which topics for debate will be selected, and there may be more than 6 questions selected as topics. Each side of the debate team is made up of Big Lake Residents.

We ask the public to resist the urge to interrupt the debate by shouting, heckling, or not setting your phones to vibrate or airplane mode. We're all just seeking answers. I realize that not every questions may be answered to the complete and full satisfaction of all voters, but it's a process. Let's respect our guests and hosts, and give a Community Thanks to the Big Lake Lions Club for hosting this debate in the Big Lake Rec Center, and for Mayor Cottle as Moderator.

Some General Format and Rules: Each side of the debate will consist of 3 residents authorized to vote in Big Lake. Each side will make an opening and closing statement, there will be a coin toss to determine who goes into the breech first. After that questions will be put to alternating sides. Each side will have time for rebuttal. The times are set and the speaker will be expected to wrap it up when the time limit is reached. Each side may select the most qualified person from their team to respond. There will be no trick questions, such as "How many Big Lakes would fit on Pluto." (I submitted all the questions, but I doubt that will be selected).

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