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Monday, March 19 2018 @ 06:23 AM AKDT

PFD is $1022 for 2016

EconomySeptember 23, 2016 ANCHORAGE – Governor Bill Walker announced the amount of the 2016 Permanent Fund Dividend today in an online video address to Alaskans, recorded at Valley Pathways High School in Palmer. Starting October 6th, over 643,000 eligible Alaskans will receive a $1,022 check. The Governor was joined by Palmer 8th grader Shania Sommer, who helped announce last year’s dividend amount.

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PFD is $1022 for 2016
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, September 24 2016 @ 11:21 AM AKDT
We got ripped off to pay for a bloated state government.
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PFD is $1022 for 2016
Authored by: Fiat Owner on Sunday, September 25 2016 @ 01:36 PM AKDT
Speaking of politics and stuff, our Gov (I) vetoed the payment to the Permanent Fund for the Alaskan dividend by half, instead of taxing oil companies, commercial fisheries, and outside workers, people who just come here and never spend a dime, and take the money with them. That PFD money goes straight into the economy, for food, fuel, power, tools, and everything else. Sure some people blow it on drugs or crap, but it circulates. His veto chopped off over a billion $$$$ of our economy to support a bloated state government that sorely needs to be cut and shrank.

Sarah gave us our dividend, and found a way to give us a $2500 bonus! She even got rid of the Governors jet.
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