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Friday, February 23 2018 @ 03:44 AM AKST

Big Lake Welcomes Seniors

Alaska NewsSubmitted by Jim Faiks

A new gated community offers affordable lake front homes for seniors.

The Big Lake community is a great place for seniors to enjoy living during their retirement. Our core area is compact and includes all of the amenities one would expect of a thriving small town. Access to the big city of Wasilla is just 12 minutes away and will soon be safer and brighter with the completion of the Parks Highway upgrade.

Big Lake has a wonderful opportunity to attract and accommodate the “baby boom bubble” as they reach their golden years. This is the fastest growing population segment in Alaska. In fact, the Mat-Su’s senior growth rate is four times the national average. Seniors love Alaska. It is projected that our senior population will double in 12 years, and even triple for those aged 75 to 85.

Seniors provide a positive economic boost to local businesses while at the same time requiring fewer community services. They don’t need a school for their children and they don’t keep law enforcement as busy as does the younger population. Instead, they like to volunteer locally and they eat early at the restaurants.

Our community is maturing nicely. The new round-a-bout, although controversial, does function well as it delivers visitors into our downtown area. The new Three Bears and improvements to Jordan Lake Park make a great impression. Community beautification efforts are growing and are greatly appreciated. We as a community should consider an increased focus on attracting seniors. Big Lake has several competitive advantages over other locations, like being out of the wind-belt and having lots of beautiful, reasonably priced property available for development.

This spring Big Lake is introducing its first gated subdivision designed for seniors. Comfortably located just a mile from town center is the Oasis at Birch Lake. This new 22 unit development is just off Big Lake Rd. and offers high quality yet affordable lakefront homes without a step to be found.

The first four homes are nearing completion just in time for the returning swans and sand hill cranes. Alaskan seniors know the importance of southern exposure for one’s mental and physical health, and sunshine is abundant at the Oasis. The view of the mountains is an extra plus. Seniors are cost conscious and will appreciate the 5 star plus energy rating along with the convenience of natural gas. There is even free RV parking for the “snow birds”.

It is developments like this that will attract the type of neighbors we would all like to have and who will benefit our community. Big Lake is maturing along with its population. Let’s help it along.

(You can visit the Oasis on Facebook at The Oasis at Birch Lake, or contact my daughter, Aimee Moats at 947-2336.)

Your neighbor,

Jim Faiks

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