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Monday, February 19 2018 @ 12:21 AM AKST

Roundup of news from the Big Lake Community Council

Community From the Meeting Minutes of 9 Jan 2018

Fire Service: John Fairchild, Chief—Annexation of W. Susitna Pkwy was successful with a new response area, all the way out to Timberline. May need a warm storage station out there in the next couple of years. Budget is being passed through the Department of Emergency Services. Currently working within a $2milion dollar budget. Station 73 has fleets moving into it now, mostly for maintenance. Responded to mutual aid with Central, 2 stations manned with volunteer responders with two of our trucks (58 volunteers to date); we can show tremendous response (27 responders on-call) from our community with coverage of two stations manned out. There were 597 runs for the year; one third were medical assistance. The ice is currently 14-20 inches and able to respond out on the lake, with light vehicles only, no ambulances. Chief will be moving out the new station soon and can be reached also by his cell.

Chamber of Commerce: Margaret—met this morning, with a slow down and possibly pick back up in the Summer. Looking to the grants or some groups to advertise to fund the sign outside of the building, to pay the electric bill and keep information up to date for the community. It is $50.00/month to advertise; this would offer great support to the Chamber. Also, need volunteers.

Mid Valley Recycling: Steve Hawk—Regular hours are still in place Saturday and Sunday 12noon to 3pm. Looking for new volunteers as well to assist with onsite coverage. Jo Walch has been assisting with organizing coverage for the station.

Road Service: Bill Hallor noted a meeting is planned for March 7 at 7pm, Big Lake Lions location.

Persons to be heard— Sherman Caruthers, owns Aardvark Catering for the last 9 years in Big Lake. Their restaurant is moving to the South Port Marina. They have come upon a full beverage dispensary license for transfer (from Zachary and Anjanette Steer of Sheep Mountain Lodge.) Their intentions for this is to be a restaurant with a full beverage service. It is not in their interest to become a bar that stays open till late hours. They maintain that it has always been their purpose to promote responsible consumption with community safety in mind, within the parameters of the law. The license will come before the ABC Board on Jan 27 th and he is asking for a letter of support from the community.

Ken Walch, shared a short follow-up on the Airport Master Plan and the motion passed to form a task force looking at the developments on the North side of the Big Lake airport. The biggest concern is safety. Sandy noted that a letter was written, and the Airport Committee noted that they did receive our correspondence.

Announcements— Bill Hallor announced the Feb 17 th Ice Breaker that includes Chilkoot comedians along with prime rib dinner and cash bar. The tickets are $60.00, door opens at 6pm with auction fundraiser, firework show after. March 9, 10, 11 th is the Pond Hockey Classic with 13 rinks and 40 teams. Feb 1, 2, and 3 rd is the State Hockey Championships at Big Lake Ice rink for local High School teams.

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Roundup of news from the Big Lake Community Council
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, February 13 2018 @ 09:52 PM AKST
Thank you for publishing this, I can't make it to the meetings but am glad to know what's going on with our local government.