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Wednesday, March 21 2018 @ 06:58 AM AKDT

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Community Discussion: Should Big Lake Become a City?

Big Lake CityThis is a topic that is important to everyone in Big Lake. This is a forum for discussion of the "Pros and Cons" of Big Lake becoming a city. You may post your opinion anonymously, just keep it clean and civil, and try to stay on topic.

Also, tell your friends, neighbors, and anyone else that may be interested in the future of Big Lake.

If you prefer, there is a "Poll" on the right side of this page. Correction it's on the main page or under "polls."
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Fire Season has started early this year

Public NoticesThe DNR issued this Public Notice: Attention residents- the Mat-Su Valley is dry. Sunny skies, possible wind, and a lack of precipitation in the forecast mean that vegetation is drying out and burnable. Please use caution with debris burning, campfires, and anything else that start a wildfire. While Division of Forestry burn permits are not required at this time of year, you must follow safe-burning guidelines. Refrain from burning if it is windy. When you do burn, remain on site and have equipment and water on hand.

Remember, you are responsible for fires you start.
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Decision to Dispose of Parcels through the Annual Land Sale Program

Public NoticesNotice is hereby given that, pursuant to the provisions of AS 38.05.801 and 11 AAC 99, the Executive Director of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office (TLO) has determined that it is in the best interest of the Alaska Mental Health Trust and its beneficiaries to dispose of approximately 62 Trust parcels through the TLO’s Annual Land Sale Program. The basis for this determination is explained in a written best interest decision prepared by the Executive Director pursuant to 11 AAC 99.040.

The Trust land affected by the decision is adjacent or near the following communities: Big Lake, Little Tutka Bay, Moose Pass, Nikiski, Talkeetna, Chena Hot Springs, Circle, Delta Junction, Ester, Olnes, Salcha, Edna Bay, Hollis, Meyers Chuck, Ketchikan, Kupranof, Petersburg, Sitka, Thorne Bay, and Wrangell. Legal descriptions of the parcels may be found in the written best interest decision.
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Let's get everyone on this.

Police BlotterOn 01/22/14 at 1135 a.m., Yon Kim (age 63 of Anchorage, AK) called the Alaska State Troopers to report that sometime between 11/08/13 - 01/22/14, an unknown person(s) damaged a door to his empty commercial building located at 43695 Seward Highway. The damage was estimated to be less than $50. Kim repaired the minor damage and secured the door. There was nothing missing and no other damage. The investigation is continuing.

Hopefully these arch criminals will soon be brought to justice. Wanted for questioning:

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An "attempted" Bad Start to a Holiday Weekend

Police BlotterOn 1/30/2014 at approximately 19 minutes after midnight, Alaska State Troopers responded to a REDDI (Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately) report near mile 3 KGB Road in Wasilla. The suspected vehicle was located a short time later near mile 4 KGB Road in Wasilla, within the Highway Safety Corridor. Investigation revealed 38 year old Derrick D. Peterson of Palmer was operating his 2001 Arctic Cat side-by-side ATV while intoxicated and while his driver's license is revoked. While being arrested, Peterson physically resisted his arrest by force while attempting to pull a handgun on the arresting Trooper. Peterson also attempted to identify himself by using a false name and DOB. Further investigation revealed Peterson is already a convicted felon and he subsequently refused to provide a breath sample after being arrested for DUI. Peterson was remanded to MSPT where he was held without bail and with a required court appointed third party.
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Gov. Introduces Bill to Increase Opportunities for Veterans

PoliticsJanuary 29, 2014, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell today introduced legislation to expand opportunities for veterans in Alaska by strengthening veterans’ job opportunities. The legislation also implements the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax (HEART) Act, ensuring military families receive full survivor benefits for fallen soldiers.

“Our veterans and their families are the lifeblood of our nation,” Governor Parnell said. “With more veterans per capita than any other state, our legislation ensures that Alaska veterans, as well as their families, have the resources they need. I look forward to working with legislators on this critical piece of legislation.”
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Information on the Parks Highway MP 44-52 Lucus Road to Big Lake Road project.

Community In case you've been wondering what's going on with the Parks Highway expansion project, we've posted a link (in the "Links" section of The Big Lake Times) leading to detailed information on the Parks Highway Mile Post 44-52 Lucus Road to Big Lake Road project. You can also leave a comment, view maps and photos, and read documents.

Project Schedule

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What Are Nightmares Made Of? New study sheds some light on the dark side of Dreams

Health and WellnessAccording to a new study by researchers at the University of Montreal, nightmares have greater emotional impact than bad dreams do, and fear is not always a factor. In fact, it is mostly absent in bad dreams and in a third of nightmares. What is felt, instead, is sadness, confusion, guilt, disgust, etc. For their analysis of 253 nightmares and 431 bad dreams, researchers obtained the narratives of nearly 10,000 dreams
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A Friendly Big Lake Warning

Community Someone posted this "Friendly Warning" to stay off the ice road on Big Lake. We heeded the advice and did not drive past.

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Richardson Highway/Valdez Avalanche

Alaska NewsThe Alaska Department of Transportation has posted an update, with photos and videos, of the incredible avalanche and conditions on the Richardson Highway near Valdez. Here is a portion of their update:

Currently it is lightly raining in Valdez and out to the Canyon.

The City of Valdez has set up a live feed video camera at the southern mouth of the canyon to also watch water flow. The level of the impounded water on the north side of the avalanche is continuing to drop. Currently the water level has receded from the southern bridge approach of the Lowe River Bridge on the north side of the canyon.

As stated yesterday, the estimated snow on the roadway is approximately 40 feet deep and 1000-1500 feet in length. As of yesterday it was estimated that there was about 10-15 feet of impounded water on the roadway north of the avalanche.

ADOT&PF crews are continuing to monitor the rate at which the water level is dropping. This is being done to inform the department of the current conditions and also to ensure if there is a sudden release of water (THIS IS NOT EXPECTED) that we can relay this to the City of Valdez so they may forward the information to residents out around 10 mile.
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Houston incident leads Troopers on a chase

Police BlotterOn 1/27/2014 at 4:14 p.m., Troopers attempted to stop a 1997 Pontiac coupe travelling southbound on Gunflint Trail for not having a front license plate. When Troopers turned around the vehicle sped away and failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection of Gunflint Trail and Skyview Drive. Troopers pursued the vehicle which failed to stop when Troopers attempted to stop it. The Pontiac continued to the dead end on Skyview Drive and before coming to a stop, the passenger jumped out of the window and fled on foot into the woods. The Pontiac stopped at the dead end and the driver, later identified as 44 year old Wasilla resident Marc McDonald, exited the vehicle and ran into the woods. Troopers immediately pursed both suspects on foot and caught McDonald. Troopers were unsuccessful in locating the passenger who was later identified through investigation. Further investigation revealed McDonald was driving while license revoked. McDonald was arrested and transported to Mat-Su Pretrial facility where was remanded for Failing to Stop at the Direction of a Peace Officer and Driving While License Revoked. In addition to multiple citations, McDonald was also issued a summons for Improper Use of Plates. Bail was set at $2,000 c/c. The report doesn't list the name of the other suspect.
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Status update: Pt. MacKenzie Rail Extension by MatSu Borough (Video)

Community This is a link to the video of the Joint Transportation Committees in Juneau; Status update: Pt. MacKenzie Rail Extension by MatSu Borough. Gavel Video @ 360 North.
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Poems Sought that Celebrate Southwest Alaska, Mat-Su State Parks

ArtsThe Poems in Place Project, a collaboration of Alaska State Parks, the Alaska Center for the Book, and a steering committee of Alaskan writers and poets, this week issued its second public call for poems celebrating the natural beauty of Alaska’s state parks.

Over a three-month period, the Poems in Place Project will gather poems celebrating the Aleknagik State Recreation Site/Wood Tikchik State Park near Dillingham and Independence Mine State Historical Park near Palmer.
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How the Colors Got Their Names

ArtsThere's an interesting article posted over on the gizmondo website about how the colors got their names.

There was a time when there were no color-names as such . . . and that not very remote in many cases, when the present color-words were terms that could be used in describing quite different qualities [including] gay, lively, smart, dashy, loud, gaudy . . . dull, dead, dreary . . . tarnished, stained, spotted, dirty, smeared . . . faint, faded [and feeble].

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Handy Map of Current Natural Hazard Events

Public NoticesThe Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System (IGEMS) provides the public with both an overview and more specific information on current natural hazard events. It is supported by the Department of the Interior Office of Emergency Management. View the map at IGEMS.