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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 08:49 AM AKST

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Meet with Rep. Mark Neuman tonight

Community This is a chance to speak directly with your Representative in Juneau, Mark Neuman. 6:30-7:30 pm at the Big Lake Community Center.

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How to find out of you have money owed to you, for free

EconomyUnclaimed Property

Millions of unclaimed assets are in Alaska waiting to be claimed. These include, but are not limited to, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bank accounts, uncashed payroll checks, utility deposits, traveler's checks, and contents from deposit boxes.

Visit to see if you're a part of the millions of dollars being held, waiting for a claimant.

Suggestions for locating unclaimed property

Search the only legitimate, free, multi-state website.

There is a link on to every state's unclaimed property office. If you have lived in a state that does not list their information on the website, go to the map on the website and click on that state.

If you locate your name, contact that state's unclaimed property office or file a claim online.

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Future MSB Transportation Projects Survey - 2017 (deadline: Nov. 15, 2017)

Public NoticesFrom MSB

What borough transportation projects are most important to you? With more than 600 responses already, this Future MSB Transportation Projects Survey is an excellent way for your voice to be heard and to help shape the borough's transportation future.

Thank you for taking this survey on transportation projects in the Mat-Su Valley. Meeting the ever-increasing transportation network needs of its residents has become significantly more challenging due to the State's revenue shortfalls, which has resulted in reduced state funding for boroughs and municipalities.

As stated by the Alaska Dispatch News (26 June 2017) ‘Local governments around Alaska depend on state funding much more than they did about a decade ago, and the impact of a state budget that has dwindled in recent years will likely force many communities to make changes to adapt. “It seems inevitable that local governments will need to either raise taxes or reduce services as aid from the state drops,” the ISER (Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Alaska Anchorage) report said. Between 2012 and 2016, plummeting oil prices caused Alaska’s budget to decline 90 percent, the study explained. The last-minute budget the Legislature passed recently didn’t address measures to fix the state’s $2.5 billion budget deficit. A big reason for the study, said author and UAA economics professor Mouhcine Guettabi, was to get a better understanding of what the state’s budget crisis would mean at a local level all around the state. “Going forward, it’s difficult to imagine those dollars continuing to flow,” Guettabi said. “So where do local or borough governments go from here?”’

The following is a list of potential transportation projects identified by the Mat-Su Borough. The majority of these projects are on MSB-owned property, although some share right of way with the State.

Take the Survey

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Tew asks for Recount for District 5

PoliticsFrom MSB

The election certification is tonight, Oct. 17, at 5 pm with the Canvass Board at the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly meeting. All but the District 5 race will be certified. This morning, District 5 assembly candidate Clayton Tew asked for a recount. At the polls Tew led by 19 votes. After absentee and questioned ballots were counted Tew fell back by 18 votes to incumbent Dan Mayfield.

Tew made the request to Borough Clerk Lonnie McKechnie at 11:33 am today. He asked for a recount by hand for the four precincts in District 5.

Borough code allows the Clerk to designate how the ballots are counted. McKechnie is scheduling the Canvass Board for the recount on AccuVote units in the next few days.

The election certification and one swearing in ceremony will take place tonight at 5 pm in the Assembly chambers at 350 E. Dahlia Ave. in Palmer.

For more information contact the Borough Clerk's office at (907)861-8681 or Public Affairs Director Patty Sullivan at 861-8577 or

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Big Lake Transfer Station Closure Nov 1st

Public NoticesFrom MSB

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough Big Lake Transfer Station located at 13507 Hollywood Road and will be closed on Wednesday, November 1st 2017. This closure provides staff working at the facility time to attend Solid Waste Division quarterly required training designated to maintain standards and ensure regulatory compliance. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact Central Landfill during business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday at 861-7603. For more information go to: or “Like” us on Facebook at Matanuska Susitna Borough Solid Waste Division.

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Big Lake man passes away

Police BlotterOn 10/17/17 at 12:54 am, AST responded to a residence in Beaver Lakes for an unexpected death. Investigation revealed Michael Underwood, age 61 of Big Lake, died of natural causes. Next of kin was on scene and the State Medical Examiner responded. Once the investigation was completed, Kehl’s Funeral Home of Wasilla responded to provide final services for Underwood. No foul play is suspected.

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Big Lake woman arrested on warrant

Police BlotterOn 10/15/2017 at approximately 8:53 pm, Alaska State Troopers conducted a traffic stop on Berma Road near Susitna Parkway on a Toyota Camry for equipment violations. Investigation revealed the driver, Crystal Churchill, age 31 of Big Lake, had an outstanding warrant for her arrest for failure to appear on the original charge of DWLR. Churchill was arrested and transported to Matsu Pretrial where she was remanded on her warrant.

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Big Lake man arrested on warrant

Police BlotterOn 10/13/17 at approximately 9:52 pm, Alaska State Troopers contacted Steven Bennet, age 33, of Big Lake at a residence on Simon Ct in Big Lake. Investigation revealed Steven had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest. He was arrested, transported and remanded to MSPT where his bail was set at no bail.

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Quake Shakes Big Lake

ScienceA Magnitude 1.2 earthquake struck Big Lake at 7:42 am. There have been no reports of serious injury or damage.

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Attention Youths age 11-16: Big Lake Teens Need You

Community Contributed by Janet Whitfield, Big Lake Library

The Big Lake Library Teen Advisory Board (BLTs) Need YOU.

Exclusively for teens ages 11-16.

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Troopers seek Big Lake Man

Police BlotterOn 6/27/2017 a Palmer grand jury indicted Jason Dwayne Hagen, 38 of Big Lake, for Arson I, Burglary I, Criminal Mischief III, Theft II, and Tampering with Physical Evidence in connection with a residential structure fire.

On 07/03/2017 a Palmer judge issued an arrest warrant for Jason Dwayne Hagen. Hagen is also known as Jasin Higgans, Leprechaun Hagen and Dirk Higgans. Hagen is approximately 5'6", between 154 and 170 pounds. He has green eyes and typically keeps his brown hair very short or shaved. He was last known to be in the Big Lake area but law enforcement has been unable to contact him.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Hagen is urged to contact the Alaska State Troopers, Alaska State Fire Marshal’s or local law enforcement by calling 907-352-5401 or 911.

Photos from AST

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Studded Tire and Pothole Information

Public Notices

Studded Tires:

It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with studded tires on a paved highway or road from May 1st through September 15th, inclusive, north of 60° North Latitude (all communities north of Ninilchik) and

It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with studded tires on a paved highway or road from April 15th through September 30th, inclusive, south of 60° North Latitude (Anchor Point, Homer, Kodiak and cities and towns in Southeast Alaska), except that at any latitude on a paved portion of the Sterling Highway a person may not operate a motor vehicle with studded tires from May 1st through September 15th, inclusive.

Reporting Potholes:

WARNING: Water and asphalt do not mix. Potholes result when water gets into and under asphalt. Motorists should reduce speed while driving through all puddles especially large puddles. We have had many reports of flat tires due to drivers driving too fast through puddles and hitting unseen potholes. Report potholes promptly to the nearest maintenance station in your area.

To report potholes on major state routes:

Mat-Su: 907-745-2159

To report potholes on local roads:

Mat-Su Borough: 907-745-9826

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Self-care after a major-traumatic event

Health and WellnessWe can be traumatized by news of a major tragic event, whether it’s a crime or a natural disaster, even if it’s far away.

It is important to understand that we can be impacted even if we don’t have a direct connection to the event. We can and should take steps to purposefully take care of ourselves and those we care about to reduce the harmful impact of trauma and use it as motivation to build our personal resilience and strengthen our communities.

It’s common to feel:



Angry or irritable





General turmoil

People may have difficulty concentrating or sleeping, or be troubled by recurring disturbing thoughts.

Read more here:

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Don't Leave Moose Hanging: Take Time to Prevent Urban Moose Entanglements

NatureADF&G Press Release

This young bull moose became entangled in a landing net in an Anchorage neighborhood. Alaskans who live in moose country should take precautions to guard against moose entanglements. ©ADF&G

Done using your outdoor hammock for the season? When was the last time your kids actually went out to play on the backyard swing set? Moose have a way of getting tangled in things we leave draped, set up, or hanging outside, and items that can be put away until May — or at least when not in use — could save a moose from injury or death.

"I think we've seen it all," said Anchorage Area Wildlife Biologist Dave Battle. "We've untangled moose from dip nets, extension cords, garden hoses - the list goes on."

Earlier this month biologists were called to an Anchorage park to remove a young bull moose whose antlers were entangled in soccer goal netting. And last fall, a video went viral of Soldotna-based Wildlife Technician Larry Lewis who, with help from Samaritans, used a skiff in a local lake to catch a swimming bull moose whose antlers trailed long lengths of cable from an outdoor dog run.

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Driving in Violation of Instructional Permit-Big Lake

Police BlotterOn 10/10/2017 at approximately 7:36 pm, AST responded to the intersection of Big Lake and Kenlar Road for a report of a single vehicle collision. An investigation revealed Pray L. So'o, 29 YOA of Anchorage, was driving and crashed into the woods. So'o was instructional permit only. So'o was issued a criminal citation for driving in violation of her instructional permit. So'o and the vehicle were released from the scene.

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