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Public Safety Training Academy to Graduate 38 Law Enforcement Officers

Alaska News(SITKA, Alaska) –Thirty eight Law enforcement officers from different state and municipal agencies including eleven state and wildlife troopers and seven Village Public Safety Officers will graduate from the Public Safety Training Academy in Sitka today. The 1 p.m. graduation ceremony at the Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Tribal Community House concludes Alaska Law Enforcement Training (ALET) Session No. 15-01. To get to this point, the 38 new officers and troopers went through 900 hours of training in the 15-week basic ALET. The training incorporates intensive instruction in law enforcement-related topics, physical fitness and many scenario-based exercises – all designed to prepare entry level police officers, Village Public Safety Officers ,and troopers for a successful career in Alaska law enforcement. The graduates are:

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ADOT&PF Recognizes 2015 Denali Award Winners

Alaska News(JUNEAU, Alaska) – The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) awarded six individuals and groups for their exceptional service to the State of Alaska during last week’s Denali Peak Performance Awards ceremony, hosted at Centennial Hall Convention Center in Juneau, Alaska. ADOT&PF was one of the most decorated state departments with two winners and four honorable mentions.

“Our employees across the state perform extraordinary tasks every day to keep Alaska moving. The Denali Awards is a great opportunity to return our gratitude for the exemplary service that these individuals and teams contributed to Alaska this past year,” said ADOT&PF Commissioner Marc Luiken.

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DPS Government Shutdown Information

Alaska News(Anchorage, Alaska) – Due to the critical nature of the services that we provide, the Department of Public Safety’s FY2016 budget along with the Departments of Corrections and Health and Social Services were approved by Governor Walker. DPS will continue to provide public safety and law enforcement services to Alaskans even in the event of a state government shutdown.

While the Legislature continues to work on the vetoed sections of the budget and things could change; the Department of Public Safety does not anticipate any of the cuts that were made to the FY 2016 budget that was approved by Governor Walker to be reinstated. As a result of those budget cuts and not any potential government shutdown, DPS will still close the Talkeetna Post, the Girdwood Post, the Cold Case Unit, lose 27 trooper positions, and ground both of our SAR helicopters (one in Anchorage and one in Fairbanks). Girdwood Post will close December 31, 2015.
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Gov Walker Orders Flags Lowered to Half Staff

Alaska NewsJune 2, 2015 ANCHORAGE – Governor Bill Walker today ordered all state flags be lowered to half-staff tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3, in honor of Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day. Recognized each year on the anniversary of the 1942 Japanese attack on Alaska, Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day honors military personnel who served and died defending our country and the Aleut people who died while imprisoned.

“As a child, my dad told us stories about his serving on the front line in the Alaska Scouts in the Aleutian Campaign during World War II, and the brave soldiers who served alongside him,” said Governor Walker. “I encourage all Alaskans to honor the heroic men and women who courageously fought to defend our land 73 years ago.”
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ADOT&PF Prepares for Partial Government Shutdown

Alaska News(JUNEAU, Alaska) – Due to the uncertainty of a fully funded State of Alaska fiscal year 2016 operating budget, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) is preparing to reduce services statewide on July 1, 2015, the start of the new state fiscal year.

“We are still hopeful that the legislature will pass a fully funded budget. However, we must have a plan in place so that the traveling public is prepared and understands what services will and will not be affected,” said ADOT&PF Commissioner Marc Luiken.

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DNR addresses impacts from potential shutdown

Alaska News(Anchorage, AK) – If a government shutdown occurs, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources anticipates significant impacts on activities that occur on state lands and water but will ensure necessary work continues to protect the life, health and safety of Alaskans.

Under the governor’s reduced Fiscal Year 2016 budget, DNR will continue wildland firefighting operations, the Alaska Volcano Observatory and the state’s dam safety program. DNR also will be able to operate Alaska state parks using non-general fund resources through the month of August. DNR programs that do not rely on general fund expenditures also will continue, including the Recorder’s Office, Mental Health Trust Land Office, Office of Project Management and Permitting, State Pipeline Coordinator’s Office, and Office of Boating Safety.

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Impacts Expected to Department of Law if Partial Shutdown Occurs

Alaska News(Anchorage, AK) – If a partial shutdown occurs, the Department of Law will see a reduction in staff in both the Civil and Criminal Divisions, resulting in a reduction in services on all criminal and civil matters. The department anticipates maintaining a skeleton crew to deal with civil matters, while trying to prioritize resources towards public safety and child protection.

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Effects on DEC Services Resulting from a Government Shutdown

Alaska News(JUNEAU, AK) –The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is determining what services will be maintained and which will be suspended if the Legislature does not pass a fully funded budget before July 1,2015. The following DEC services critical to Alaskans’ life, health, and safetywill be operational during a shutdown:

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Impact of Possible Government Shutdown on the Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Alaska NewsJUNEAU: Today the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD) is mailing layoff notices to its employees. Layoffs will occur on July 2nd if the legislature’s inability to pass a budget causes a government shutdown.

In the event of layoffs, state employees may apply for Unemployment Insurance at . DOLWD has published a “Partial Government Shutdown FAQ” about Unemployment Insurance, which can be accessed at .

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Shutdown Effects on Governor’s Administration

Alaska NewsJune 1, 2015 ANCHORAGE—Governor Bill Walker and Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott today explained to Alaskans the effects of a partial government shutdown on services offered by the offices of the governor and lieutenant governor.

“While I am hopeful the legislature will reach an agreement to fully fund the budget, I am obligated to tell the public about how a potential government shutdown could affect services Alaskans have come to rely upon,” Governor Walker said.

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ADOT&PF sets tentative date for reopening Dalton Highway

Alaska News(FAIRBANKS, Alaska) –With repairs progressing on the Dalton Highway, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) has set a tentative reopening date of Friday, June 5. This date is dependent on weather and repair progression, among other factors.

ADOT&PF warns travelers that the road surface will be rough and narrow through the flood zone. The department aims to have a road width of at least 20 feet through the project zone, but there will likely be sections of road that will be one lane with delineators or yield signs. This is to allow traffic to the North Slope to resume as soon as possible.

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Alaska Joins Settlement with Classmates, Inc. and FTD for Misleading Advertising and Billing Practices

Alaska NewsThe Alaska Office of the Attorney General joined with 21 other states in a settlement with Classmates, Inc. and Florists Transworld Delivery (“FTD”). Classmates, a social media platform aimed at connecting high school classmates, and FTD, one of the world’s largest floral companies, have agreed to pay the states a total of $11 million to settle allegations that the two companies engaged in misleading advertising and billing practices.

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Troopers Halfway Through Memorial Day Weekend CIOT Campaign

Alaska News(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – The Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers are halfway through the Annual Memorial Day Weekend Click It or Ticket High Visibility Enforcement Effort which started May 18.

From 5/18/2015 thru 5/25/2015, troopers conducted the following investigations:

- 19 misdemeanor DUI arrests, 2 felony DUI Arrests
- 21 drivers charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license.
- 257 REDDIs reported with 35 drivers contacted and ultimately determined not to be DUI
- 28 damage only crashes 13 injury crashes and 0 fatal collisions were investigated by troopers
- Of the 783 citations issued, 424 were issued for speeding and 79 issued for seatbelt or other occupant restraint violations

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Crews Starting Repair Work on the Dalton Highway

Alaska News(FAIRBANKS, Alaska) – This evening, during the daily briefing, Mike Coffey, Maintenance and Operations Director for the Alaska Department of Tranpsortation and Public Facilites, could barely contain his enthusiasm as he shared with the Dalton Unified Incident Command that flood levels had dropped enought to start repair work immediately.

"This is a good day," said Coffey. "Over the next 24-hours activity will ramp up immensely. This is what we've prepared for and what we've been waiting for. Today we were able to give crews the directive to start repairing the Dalton Highway to reestablish the lifeline to Prudhoe Bay and the North Slope A very good day indeed."

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Flags Lowered for Memorial Day

Alaska NewsMay 22, 2015 ANCHORAGE – Governor Bill Walker today ordered all flags to be lowered to half-staff on Monday, May 25, in honor of Memorial Day.

“As Alaskans enjoy time with friends and family this holiday weekend, it’s important that we all pause to remember why Memorial Day was established,” Governor Walker said. “Many have died in service to our country, and this weekend we commemorate their service and sacrifice that we may live in peace. We say thank you, and we honor their lives.”

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