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Monday, February 19 2018 @ 12:38 AM AKST


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Plan and Prepare for Any Disaster

Community Living in Alaska has some unique challenges. Preparing for a disaster is something any individual or family anywhere must consider. Here are some tips from the Matanuska-Susitna Borough website (link at end of article).

Assemble emergency kits. (See Basic Emergency Supplies.)
Keep copies of important documents (passport, driver license, social security card, marriage license, will, deeds, financial statements, etc.) in an offsite location such as a safety deposit box.
To facilitate insurance recovery, include an inventory of your valuables with serial number list of tools and equipment and photographs or video of other valuables.
Use a USB jump drive to store these files. Make duplicate jump drives and keep one at home, and one in a safety deposit box or other off-site safe location.
Learn how and when to shut off your utilities. (See Utilities.)
Discuss all possible exit routes from each room, building and neighborhood. Ensure that your family has at least two exits from each.
Reunification location n: choose two places, one outside your home and another outside your neighborhood, like a church, community center, store parking lot, or other open area to meet at if you are separated.
Conduct emergency drills and practice “DROP, COVER and HOLD” for earthquakes at least once every six months.
Always keep your car’s gas tank at least 3/4 full.
Take classes on first aid, CPR and disaster preparedness. (See Training & Volunteer Opportunities).
Practice your plan once a year. Pick a weekend with nice weather to set up in your yard and use your disaster kit. This allows you to see how well it works and add to it before a real emergency.
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The Big Lake WinterFest

Community The Big Lake WinterFest is coming.

"Celebrate the Ice! Two days jam packed with family fun! Start with a chance to win a helicopter ride along side of the Iron Dog Start!"

Check it out at
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Proposed Mat-Su tower ordinance would require only public notice

Community "WASILLA -- A long-awaited draft ordinance from a Mat-Su Borough committee crafting new rules for "tall" towers requires little of tower developers beyond notifying people living nearby two months before construction starts.

The issue of regulating tall structures -- anything over 100 feet, with some exceptions such as power lines or ham radio towers -- has a sense of urgency in the Valley as communications towers rise throughout the Mat-Su to serve the cellphones of the borough's growing population.

The borough's Tall Tower Advisory Committee formed in 2012 after the Mat-Su Assembly stripped all tower regulations the year before. With neighborhood residents up in arms over towers popping up without warning, officials reinstated an old ordinance as a placeholder until new rules could be drafted."
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Big Lake Winter Sunrise

Community Winter Sunrise in Big Lake, Alaska. More to come. Click the title to view the image.
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Video: Annual Wilderness Woman Competition.

Community Here’s a video of the annual Wilderness Woman Competition held in Talkeetna.

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