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Friday, August 18 2017 @ 03:50 PM AKDT


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Mat-Su emergency responders organize against hours cap

Health and Wellness"WASILLA -- Rank and file emergency responders in the Mat-Su Borough are challenging new limits that cap them just below 30 hours a week, and they're calling on the borough to bring on a full-time squad of medics.

Paid on-call employees say the new hours policy has led to short staffing and longer response times on some ambulance and fire calls."
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The Dark Side Of Kale (And How To Eat Around It)

Health and WellnessThe headline in The New York Times made my heart sink: Kale? Juicing? Trouble Ahead.

Confession: I’m one of those Vitamix-loving, green-smoothie worshipping, kale bandwagoners. I brim with holier-than-thou pride when my kids eat raw kale (no dressing, even!) and thick kale-laden shakes while other children snack on sugary GoGURT squeezes and suck on juice boxes.

I am not alone. Presidents and stars are kale-lovers too.

Kale, in case you haven’t noticed, is health-conscious America’s “it” vegetable. Raw, blended, sauteed or in chip or “crunch” form, it appears to be the manna of celebrities: Gwyneth and Jennifer devour it while Kevin Bacon recently declared [it's] “the age of kale.” In an astutely reported feature called Stars Who Love Kale, US Weekly quotes Bette Midler saying: “Kale is burning up the veggisphere.”
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