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Monday, March 19 2018 @ 06:07 AM AKDT


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Why You Should Vote NO on Ballot Measure B1


The next regular election will be held on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Polls will be open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The following propositions are scheduled to be placed on the ballot for the election on Tuesday, October 4. The Assembly had until Friday, August 5, to adopt any ordinance to place a proposition on the ballot.

Proposition No. B-1

Prohibiting Marijuana Establishments Except Those Involving Industrial Hemp in the Area Outside of the Cities

Initiative Ordinance Serial No. 15-088. This ordinance prohibits marijuana retail stores, marijuana cultivation facilities, marijuana product manufacturing facilities, and marijuana testing facilities in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough in the area outside of the cities. The prohibition does not apply to industrial hemp as defined in the ordinance.

Shall the Matanuska-Susitna Borough adopt a local option to prohibit the operation of marijuana establishments except those involving industrial hemp in the area outside of the cities?

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Op Ed: Rep Lynn Gattis Speaks

Op-Edby Rep. Lynn Gattis

Alaska is facing an unprecedented budget crisis. This is largely due to a continuing decline of oil production, a precipitous drop in oil prices, and an unwillingness by some to make the necessary changes in state government to save money. How we respond to this crisis will define what Alaska and our economy will look like over the next decade and beyond.

Governor Bill Walker's vision for dealing with this crisis is extremely different from mine. The governor wants to impose an income tax and a sales tax on hard working Alaskans. He also wants to raise taxes on the fishing, oil, and mining industries, as well as products like motor fuels, tobacco, and alcohol. On top of all that, he wants to restructure the permanent fund dividend program, taking the majority of Alaskan’s dividend to spend on government.

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Today was one of those sad days.

Op-EdSubmitted by Sammy Taylor, Mid Valley Recycling

Today was one of those sad days. I felt my usual sense of lost opportunity for a better tomorrow. The Girl Scouts were cleaning house and getting rid of all those old canvas tents and tarps they don’t use anymore. That’s fine, materials change and a nylon tent is certainly easier to deal with than a heavy canvas one. Several of us on hand at the Big Lake transfer site saw the potential uses for that canvas and salvaged some. Yet half the pickup load of useable canvas and rope went into the “can” to be mixed with old oil containers, wet coffee grounds, used diapers, old barbecues and such, destined for a lined hole in the ground.

I feel the same loss when I see wild creatures –like Alaska’s wild Salmon, Rabbit, Grouse, Caribou – caught, killed, cut into pieces, wrapped in plastic , frozen and then finally tossed in a box and taken to the dump. Those are the days when I think of Humans as the most selfish of creatures. To me, It is murder to kill an animal under the pretext of food and then toss it’s body away so thoughtlessly! At the very least people should bury them without wrappings so the body can nourish the ground since its ability to nourish another body was denied it. .

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Subject: Mary Vincent's Comments on PROPOSED Riparian Buffer Ordinance

Op-Edvia Email:

From: Mary Vincent


Subject: Mary Vincent's Comments on PROPOSED Riparian Buffer Ordinance

Hello Frankie,

Plz distribute this comment letter to the Planning Commission and all interested parties regarding the PROPOSED Ordinance to establish a Riparian Buffer.

A 7 to 10 day comment period is decidedly inadequate for a proposal of this magnitude affecting private property rights. To present it in Ordinance format at the initial stage seems highly inappropriate and arbitrary.

I trust these comments will be read into the meeting discussion? What is the normal procedure, since the packets have already gone out to the Planning Commission?

Sincerely, Mary F Vincent

907 355-1444 cell/text

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Op/Ed: Will the City of Big Lake impose a business license tax?

Op-EdTo the public: As a candidate for the Big Lake City council, The Big Lake Times asked if I wouldn’t draft a letter to the Community regarding a business tax. The following is my response. My name is Greg Quinton.

Question: May a second class city, in a second class organized borough, impose a business license sheme/tax?

Answer: Apparently yes.

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Op/Ed: Does Incorporation have anything to do with better roads?

Op-Edby Harry Thompson

From the very start administration costs are 277,344 higher per year to operate the city of Big Lake than the MSB/RSA. The items such as sanding, culvert thawing, sign repair, paved road striping and pothole repairs are removed from the budget to accomplish this. By changing to the city of Big Lake we are removing the requirement to spend all RSA funds on roads and allowing the newly formed city of Big Lake to spend taxes as the Big Lake City Council sees fit.

Some other differences in the MSB/RSA budget and the City of Big Lake budget are as follows:

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Op/Ed: Big Lake Incorporation

Op-EdSubmitted by Darren Zimmer

If you are undecided about voting for for Big Lake Incorporation, look to nature for inspiration.

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Letter to the Editor: What are we really voting on if Big Lake incorporates?

Op-Edby Harry Thomas

I love our small community and have spent countless hours working to improve it over the last 10 years.

It’s a small community but it has a very split economic diversity. Approximately 20% are modestly well off living in fairly nice homes on lakes and or large parcels of land, the other 80% are living paycheck to paycheck and live in the area due to the low cost of homes and property. This diversity is one of my biggest concerns with the incorporation. While to some paying a little more to improve roads and have a local government is a great idea, to many that are living paycheck to paycheck, barely making it, this could be the thing that sinks their dreams of having their own piece of land and home.

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Thank You Big Lake Trails Plower!

Op-EdI want to give a big Thank You to the person or persons that plowed the bike path around Big Lake. To see how many of us adults and kids use this path just look at the tracks. Now we need to educate people that these paths are for non-motorized vehicles only. Let's be safe people. Sleds and wheelers have your side, let us have ours.
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Thought for the Day

Op-Ed"After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting."
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The Big Lake Times

Op-EdThe Big Lake Times, is the best thing to happen in Big Lake since sliced bread!