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Sunday, July 23 2017 @ 05:00 AM AKDT


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Town Hall Meeting with Rep. Mark Neuman

PoliticsSubmitted by Rep. Mark Neuman

You're invited to a Town Hall Meeting this coming Saturday, January 28th with Senator Wilson, Rep Sullivan-Leonard and Rep. Neuman. At The Mat-Su Family Restaurant at 9 am.

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Neuman Defeats Jones

PoliticsIncumbent Mark Neuman has won reelection to House District 8: Big Lake and Point MacKenzie, defeating Democratic challenger Greg Jones. As of this story Neuman received over 80% of the votes.

In House District 10: Houston, Talkeetna, and Skwentna, the winner is David Eastman.

2016 GENERAL ELECTION November 8, 2016 Unofficial Results

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Today is the General Election

PoliticsPolls open at 7 am today. Every vote matters.

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Alaska Early Voting Begins Today


Alaska early voting begins today. Click here for a handy article on Early In-Person and Absentee voting.

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Alaska Absentee Early and In-Person Voting

PoliticsBeginning 15 days prior to an election, and continuing through Election Day, voters may vote:

Absentee early at a Regional Elections Office in the jurisdiction where the voter is registered. Regional offices are located in Juneau, Anchorage, Wasilla, Fairbanks and Nome; or

Absentee in-person at any Regional Elections Office or absentee voting location.

What is the difference between absentee in-person voting and early voting?

When voting early, the voter’s eligibility to vote is verified at the time of voting through the Division of Elections statewide voter registration system. A voter is eligible to vote early if the voter is voting at the Regional Elections Office and if the voter’s registration record is active and current. Early voting is available only during Primary, General and Statewide Special Elections. Since the voter’s eligibility to vote could be verified, the voter simply signs a certificate and the voted ballot is placed directly into the ballot box.

When voting absentee in-person, the voter’s eligibility to vote is verified after the voter is issued a ballot. Absentee in-person voting is available at each Regional Elections Office and at many absentee voting locations throughout the state. Since the voter’s eligibility could not be verified at the time of voting, the voter’s voted ballot is placed inside an absentee voting envelope prior to being placed in the ballot box.

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Are You Interested in a Debate Between the Incumbent and the Challenger?

PoliticsIs anyone interested in attending or otherwise reading of a debate between Mark Neuman, the Incumbent, and the challenger G.I. Jones? It could be held at The Big Lake Lions Rec Center. This thread would also be a great opportunity to get questions from the Community to be used during the debate. I realize that it's getting close to decision time, but this can be done.
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Town Hall Meeting with Rep. Mark Neuman


At the Meadow Lakes Elementary School library, October 19th from 6-7:30 pm.

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Tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote

PoliticsTo use the Online Voter Registration System, you must have a valid Alaska driver's license or state ID card and the information you enter when registering must match the information on your Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record. If you do not have a valid Alaska driver's license or state ID, or your information cannot be validated, you may select to register using a paper registration form. Click this link to visit the online registration system.

You may use this system to 1) Register to vote or 2) Update your Voter Registration.

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PFD and Oil Tax Credits

PoliticsBy GI Jones

The PFD cap will cost Alaskans approximately 750,000,000 dollars. That is about 1,000 dollars per person. At the same time Alaskans will pay approximately 750,000,000 dollars in Oil Tax Credits; after thousands of people are now unemployed because of a reduction in oil production. Why should Alaskans suffer after the oil companies pocket billions of dollars? Who is responsible for this? Our elected officials! It is time for a change.

Greg Jones is running for House District 8. Greg Jones is running because after 25 years of activism and fighting for the common people, he is ready to take a leading role in the direction of our state. The people of Alaska know about his hard work and dedication. Greg Jones has worked with the IBEW as a Master Electrician for the past 25 years. He knows the value and importance of job training and organized labor. Greg Jones ran his own electrical contracting business for about 10 years; so he knows the importance of supporting small businesses. He now works at Honeywell as a field service engineer. Greg Jones will bring a strong work ethic, intelligence, a common sense approach, and a sincere care for people.

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Unofficial Borough Election Results

PoliticsFollow this link to view the current unofficial results.

Some highlights: Voters approved the Recreation Bond and sales tax on marijuana, but voted against Prop B 1, which would have banned commercial cannabis operations.

Big Lake voter turnout was 29.73%.

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Reminder: Polls Open at 7 am Today

PoliticsExercise your right to vote today!
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Meet and Greet for Greg Jones - House Dist 8

Politicsby Casey Steinau

Hello all,

If you haven't met Greg Jones please stop by my place this Thursday for an opportunity to meet this dynamic candidate for house district 8. If you have met Greg, please stop by and show your support!

If you know someone who would be interested in visiting with Greg in this casual setting please feel free to forward the attached invitation.



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Posting Political Campaign Signs

PoliticsWith political campaign season underway, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) would like to remind everyone of the State of Alaska laws regarding political advertising.

Illustrated below are two sections of Alaska Statutes pertaining to sign posting and/or advertising in the right-of-way of Alaska’s highways:
Campaign signs placed within the state’s road and highway rights-of-way are unauthorized encroachments under AS 19.25.200 – 19.25.250 and may be removed by DOT&PF crews without notification. Vehicles parked in rights-of-way that are used to display political advertisements are also prohibited and subject to removal.

AS 19.25.105(a) states, “Outdoor advertising may not be erected or maintained within 660 feet of the nearest edge of the right-of-way and visible from the main-traveled way…” If a sign is on commercial property, but within 660 feet of the state’s right-of-way, DOT&PF personnel may send a 30-day written notice requesting removal of the sign. This notice will be sent to the property owner and the candidate.

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Citizen activist presents Alaska Governor with petition to recall him for raiding the PFD

PoliticsA Big Lake resident and political activist submitted this short video.
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Primary Election Results

PoliticsHere are the returns with most of the vote counted:

Senate District D — Greater Wasilla/Big Lake/Point Mackenzie

Republicans: David Wilson, 52.4 percent; and Lynn Gattis, 47.6 (all precincts).

House District 8 — Big Lake/Point Mackenzie

Republicans: Mark Neuman, 63.5 percent, and Mike Alexander, 36.6 percent (all precincts).

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