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Legislature Passes House Bill 123-Marijuana Control Board

PoliticsApril 19, 2015 JUNEAU – Governor Bill Walker today expressed his thanks for the work done by members of the Alaska Legislature to pass House Bill 123.

“I appreciate the deliberation that took place in both the House and Senate to establish this important board,” Governor Walker said. “Our elected officials recognized the critical nature of this bill and acted decisively to protect public safety.”

Governor Walker introduced HB 123 to create a Marijuana Control Board tasked with developing regulations covering aspects of marijuana cultivation, processing, and commercial sale. The board will include representatives from the public health and safety sectors, industry, and rural Alaska. Members will also share staff with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

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All Commissioner Appointees Confirmed

PoliticsApril 19, 2015—Governor Bill Walker today thanked the Legislature for confirming all of his commissioner appointments.

“I appointed some of the most highly qualified, dedicated public servants in Alaska,” Governor Walker said. “I have told my Cabinet members they make up my dream team, and I mean that. I am so pleased the Legislature agrees, and I thank legislators for voting to confirm all of these fine commissioners.”

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Legislature Promises Confirmation Votes

PoliticsApril 17, 2015 JUNEAU—Governor Bill Walker today revoked his proclamation to convene the House and Senate into a joint session today at 10 a.m. to vote on his appointments.

“I just wrapped up a meeting with House Speaker Mike Chenault and Senate President Kevin Meyer,” Governor Walker said. “They gave me their word that each of the 89 appointments would be given an up or down vote on Sunday. I trust them.”

Governor Walker said revoking the proclamation is an important step toward a positive relationship with legislative leadership.
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Governor Walker Vetoes HB 132

PoliticsApril 17, 2015 JUNEAU – Governor Bill Walker today vetoed HB 132, making good on a March 2 promise when the bill was introduced.

“This veto in no way means the end of discussions with legislative leadership,” Governor Walker said. “We continue to have multiple meetings to ensure AKLNG is successful and remains the priority while maintaining access to a backup option.”

HB 132 limits the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) from actively working on any gas line project other than the Alaska Liquefied Natural Gas (AKLNG) line. The State of Alaska is a partner in AKLNG along with TransCanada, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and BP.

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Governor Calls Joint Session

PoliticsApril 15, 2015 JUNEAU—Governor Walker today issued an executive proclamation to convene members of the House and Senate into a joint session at 10 a.m. on Friday to vote on the governor’s appointments for Commissioners, Boards and Commissions.

“I have assembled a team of respectable, hardworking Alaskans—many of whom have quit their jobs and relocated their families so they could serve the state,” Governor Walker said. “These dedicated team members deserve the opportunity to have their appointments put to a joint legislative session for a vote.”

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Governor Walker Opens Mat-Su Regional Office

PoliticsIn alignment with his goals to facilitate a more accessible government, Governor Bill Walker today announced the opening of his Matanuska Susitna regional office. The purpose of the office is to provide Mat-Su residents with better access to the Governor’s Office, and build stronger relationships with residents, officials and organizations in the region.

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Remarks: Governor Responses to HB 132

PoliticsGovernor: "Good afternoon. Thank you for being here on relatively short notice. I’m calling this to comment on a piece of legislation that has been submitted. Looks like it’s House Bill 132. I find it its shocking that we are tying our hands and taking away our ability to what our constitution mandates that we do. That we develop our resources to the maximum benefits of Alaskans. This is why I ran for governor. This is why we don’t have a gasline today. Because we refuse to stand up for ourselves. We refuse to stand up and act like the state the constitution mandates that we are. The statehood compact. My goodness. We’re trying .. so we don’t compete with ourselves. Are you kidding me? It’s an option, so we have two options to go down. Nobody does this. Name one company we’re dealing with that has only one project. They don’t. And that’s good, good for them. They shouldn’t. We have not asked them to stop any of their projects up and down the West Coast, on the Gulf Coast, anywhere around the world; and we shouldn’t. My goodness. When we tie our hands and say we can’t sell gas – we can’t advance a project. I am absolutely shocked. This flies in the face of everything this state stands for. Alaskans should be absolutely outranged. I am outraged. This is the epitome of why we don’t have a gasline. Us not being able to have a local option. What kind of a negotiation position does that put us in? Horrible negotiating position.

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Remarks: Governor Wraps Up D.C. Trip

Politics"Governor: Thanks very much for being here today. We are on our way to Fairbanks from Washington, D.C. We’ve been there for the last four days at the National Governors’ Association Conference, as well as the Western Governors’ Association and we joined the Governors’ OCS on the off shores issues as well. So it’s been a very busy four days in DC. I only felt it appropriate to stop and say a few words on the way through.

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Governor Walker Lowers Flag for Rep. Bettisworth

PoliticsFebruary 17, 2015 JUNEAU—Governor Bill Walker today joined Alaskans in mourning the loss of former Representative Bob Bettisworth.

Bob Bettisworth, a longtime Fairbanks resident, served in the Alaska State House from 1957-1958 and 1981-1984. He was among the first to serve in the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly.

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Governor Walker Makes Board Appointments

PoliticsGovernor Bill Walker made a number of appointments to boards and commissions on January 20, and February 3, 2015. See the attached documents for the full list.
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Luiken Named DOT Commissioner

PoliticsJan. 23, 2015 JUNEAU – Governor Bill Walker announced today that he has appointed Marc Luiken as Commissioner of Department of Transportation.

“Marc brings to the table leadership experience and knowledge of the department, so he will hit the ground running,” Governor Walker said. “I am impressed with Marc’s vision for DOT. He believes in efficient use of existing resources. His philosophy is a prudent one given our current fiscal challenges.”

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Gov Announces Three Commissioner Appointments

PoliticsJan. 20, 2015 JUNEAU—Governor Bill Walker today announced the appointment of three new members to his Cabinet. Those include Chris Hladick as Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development Commissioner; Ronald Taylor as Department of Corrections Commissioner; and Sam Cotten as Department of Fish and Game Commissioner.

Chris Hladick, who will lead the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development, has worked as the City Manager of Unalaska for 14 years, overseeing the construction of the $72 million Carle E. Moses Boat Harbor and a new state-of-the-art $62 million powerhouse. Prior to his work in Unalaska, he served as the city manager in both Dillingham and Galena. Hladick holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental biology from Eastern Illinois University.

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Transition Reports Released

PoliticsJanuary 20, 2015 JUNEAU - Governor Bill Walker and Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott today released the Transition Team Conference reports to the public via the Governor’s website (link below). A common theme among the 17 working groups is a call for an open, accountable and participatory government.

More than 250 Alaskans were charged with identifying and agreeing upon the top five priorities in 17 categories during a two-day conference held in Anchorage in late November. Each working group was comprised of a diverse body of individuals representing a wide range of expertise and opinions. Their goal was to work together not only on priorities, but also to identify barriers to success and actions that could be taken to address those barriers.

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Participating in the Alaska Political Process

PoliticsAt one time or another each of us has been frustrated or disappointed by the actions of bureaucrats or our elected representative. Many people believe that one person cannot make a difference, but it already has on occasions too numerous to attempt to recount here. A group of like-minded citizens is certainly more effective, but one persistent individual will make a difference.

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Governor Appoints Two More Commissioners

PoliticsDecember 29, 2014, JUNEAU – Governor Bill Walker is pleased to announce the appointment of Sheldon Fisher as Commissioner of the Department of Administration.

“Sheldon has 20 years of management experience in the private sector that will be helpful in some of the challenges we have,” Governor Walker said. “He’s dealt with cost-cutting while increasing revenues. I’m very pleased to have Sheldon heading up the Department of Administration; it’s the center of state government operations.”

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