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Meet Your Candidates for Assembly District 5

PoliticsMeet Your Candidates for Assembly District 5, Dan Mayfield and Bill Kendig at the Chamber Luncheon. Noon on the 15th of September at the Big Lake Family Restaurant.
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News Release – Dan Mayfield for Assembly

PoliticsHello, I’m Dan Mayfield.  My goal, if elected to the Mat Su Borough Assembly, is to make the political process work for people. This is what motivated me to run for Borough Assembly. My community service has taught me the importance of teamwork. Working together, great things can be accomplished, so long as everyone has a seat at the table. To make local government work for residents, your opinions need to be heard. I will listen.

I look at this opportunity as an extension of my community service. Given the chance to represent District 5, including Big Lake, Knik, Hollywood, Settlers Bay and Pt. MacKenzie, we can strengthen local communities, support sound business development and improve critically needed infrastructures.

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2014 PRIMARY ELECTION Election Summary Report August 19, 2014 Unofficial Results

PoliticsThe current results of the 2014 Primary held yesterday may be viewed at:
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Governor Parnell Announces Appointments

PoliticsAugust 11, 2014, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell today announced appointments to the State Vocational Rehabilitation Committee, Alaska Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee, and Violent Crimes Compensation Board.
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Governor Parnell Announces Board Appointments

PoliticsAugust 7, 2014, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell today announced appointments to the Aviation Advisory Board, Alaska Safety Advisory Council, Alaska Council on Emergency Medical Services, Water and Wastewater Works Advisory Board, and Natural Resources Conservation and Development Board.
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Governor Announces Appointments to Boards

PoliticsAugust 4, 2014, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell today announced appointments to the Alaska Health Care Commission, Alaska Commission on Aging, Serve Alaska, Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education, and State Historical Records Advisory Board.

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Governor Parnell Announces Appointments

PoliticsJuly 31, 2014, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell today announced appointments to the Alaska Minerals Commission, Renewable Energy Fund Advisory Committee, Wood-Tikchik State Park Management Council, and the Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission.

Alaska Minerals Commission

Governor Parnell appointed Gary Reimer, and reappointed Bartly Kleven, Larry Westlake, Sr., Karl Hanneman, and William Jeffress to the Alaska Minerals Commission. The commission makes recommendations to the governor and the Legislature on ways to encourage the development of minerals in the state.

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August 19, 2014 is Primary Election Day

PoliticsPrimary Election Day is August 19, 2014 – Polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. There are some important items on the ballot (there always are), so get out and vote!

Here are some related dates and info:

Important Primary Election Dates

August 4, 2014 Early and absentee in-person voting begins at many locations throughout Alaska.

August 4, 2014 Civilian voters may begin to apply for absentee ballots by electronic transmission.

August 9, 2014 Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot by mail.

August 18, 2014 5:00 p.m. Alaska Standard Time Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot by electronic transmission.

August 19, 2014 Primary Election Day – Polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

August 19, 2014 Deadline for absentee by-mail ballots to be postmarked.

August 19, 2014, 8:00 p.m. Alaska Standard Time, is the deadline for electronic transmission absentee ballots to be received.
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Gov. Strengthens Opportunities for Veterans

PoliticsWasilla, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell signed legislation today strengthening veterans’ preferences for special loans, housing and employment.

Alaska statute currently defines the veterans’ preference for hiring as applying to those who have served up to the end of the Korean and Vietnam wars. Governor Parnell’s legislation ensures our veterans who have served in the 1991 Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom and conflicts arising after September 11, 2001 can also benefit from the hiring preference. The governor’s bill provides statutory alignment with the federal definitions already used for public housing and mortgage loans.

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Posting Political Campaign Signs

PoliticsWith political campaign season underway, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the State of Alaska laws regarding political advertising.

Illustrated below are two sections of Alaska Statutes pertaining to sign posting and/or advertising in the right-of-way of Alaska’s highways:

Campaign signs placed within the state’s road and highway rights-of-way are unauthorized encroachments under AS 19.25.200 – 19.25.250 and may be removed by DOT&PF crews without notification. Vehicles parked in rights-of-way that are used to display political advertisements are also prohibited and subject to removal.
AS 19.25.105(a) states, “Outdoor advertising may not be erected or maintained within 660 feet of the nearest edge of the right-of-way…” If a sign is on commercial property, but within 660 feet of the state’s right-of-way, DOT&PF personnel may send a 30-day written notice requesting removal of the sign. This notice will be sent to the property owner and the candidate.

Campaign advertising is an important effort and expensive investment for all candidates. We realize that candidates and their volunteers may simply not realize the limitations of advertising in the rights-of-way, or the exact locations of the rights-of-way.

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Governor Signs Legislation in Eagle River

PoliticsAnchorage, Alaska – Continuing his commitment to increase regulatory transparency and accountability, Governor Sean Parnell signed several pieces of legislation, including House Bill 140, sponsored by Representative Lora Reinbold. The governor signed the legislation at the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce.

Governor Parnell also signed the following legislation:

Senate Bill 132, sponsored by Senator Anna Fairclough, benefits seniors by changing the age requirement to qualify for a vehicle registration fee exemption from 65 by January 1 of the year a registration is due, to simply 65 at the time registration is due.
Senate Bill 195, sponsored by Senator Anna Fairclough, improves the state’s education loan and grant programs. In addition to giving the governor greater flexibility with appointments to the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education, SB 195 establishes the concept of “on-time” students and provides for increased grant and loan awards for students. Further, the legislation allows the Alaska Student Loan Corporation to offer below-market loan terms and more money to students.

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Governor Signs Crime Bill in Anchorage

PoliticsAnchorage, Alaska – To reduce recidivism, lower the cost of corrections, and maintain public safety for Alaskans, Governor Sean Parnell today signed Senate Bill 64, Omnibus Crime and Corrections legislation. The legislation, sponsored by Senator John Coghill, would implement proven practices, such as a 24/7 Sobriety Program (Alcohol and Substance Abuse Monitoring), and establish the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission.

“I commend Senator Coghill for his diligent work to pass SB 64 and improve Alaska’s corrections system,” Governor Parnell said. “With this legislation, we are taking a big step toward lowering recidivism rates in Alaska while also reducing the cost to operate our jails and corrections programs. In the end, when we can achieve these things while keeping our public safety system strong, Alaskans benefit.”

Governor Parnell also signed three other bills to improve Alaskans’ public safety:

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Gov. Makes Boards & Commissions Appointments

PoliticsAnchorage, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell today announced appointments to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority/Alaska Energy Authority, Commercial Fishing and Agriculture Bank Board of Directors, and Citizens’ Advisory Commission on Federal Areas.

Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Governor Parnell appointed David Mayberry to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. The commission serves as an independent quasi-judicial agency to protect the public interest in the exploration and development of Alaska’s valuable oil, gas, and geothermal resources through the application of conservation practices designed to ensure greater ultimate recovery and the protection of health, safety, fresh ground waters, and the rights of all owners to recover their share of the resource.

Mayberry, of Anchorage, is a long time Alaskan and experienced oil and gas attorney. He has been an attorney in private practice for 15 years and most recently worked as counsel for Crowell & Moring, LLP. Mayberry holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and a juris doctorate and Natural Resources and Environmental Law Certificate from Lewis & Clark College, Northwestern School of Law. Mayberry is appointed to an at-large seat.
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Governor Signs Bill to Improve DMV Efficiency

PoliticsJune 19, 2014, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell was joined by Senator Peter Micciche as he signed legislation that will increase efficiencies at the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Senate Bill 206 will enable the DMV to send email notifications for vehicle registrations and online renewal of driver’s licenses. The legislation also adds serious crimes, including murder, stalking, robbery, indecent exposure and distribution or possession of child pornography to the list of crimes that would prohibit a person from obtaining a school bus driver’s license.
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Bill Makes Alaska an “Employment First" State

PoliticsMay 29, 2014, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell today signed legislation to create more job opportunities for Alaskans with disabilities. By making Alaska an “Employment First” state, House Bill 211 (HB 211) ensures that state agencies and school districts prioritize employment as a first option for individuals with disabilities.

“This legislation opens doors to our fellow Alaskans to meaningful jobs,” Governor Parnell said. “It ensures Alaskans with disabilities have a right to contribute their talents in our workplaces. All Alaskans will benefit as a result of Alaska becoming an ‘Employment First’ state. I appreciate Representative Millett for working to pass this important legislation.”
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