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Saturday, February 24 2018 @ 10:40 AM AKST


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Purinton Products Site – Conditional Use Permit

Public NoticesA Conditional Use Permit, under MSB 17.30 – Conditional Use Permit for Earth Materials Extraction Activities, has been submitted by Isaac Pearson on behalf of Purinton Products, LLC. The applicant is requesting the removal approximately 3,000,000 cubic yards through 2050. The total area of earth material extraction activity will occur on approximately 31.5 acres of the 37.56-acre parcel.

Location: 21252 W. Susitna Parkway (Tax ID# 16N04W03A005); within Township 16 North, Range 4 West, Section 3, Seward Meridian.

Applicant: Isaac Pearson, on behalf of Purinton Products, LLC

Property Owner: Franklin Paulson & Isaac Pearson

Approval Process: The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing concerning the application on Monday, December 4, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. in the Borough Assembly Chambers located at 350 E. Dahlia Avenue in Palmer. You are invited to attend.

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Information on the Parks Highway road construction

Public NoticesThe Parks Highway between Church and Pittman Road will be in a 4 lane configuration prior to winter shutdown. New traffic signals at Stanley Drive, Vine Road, and Pittman Road along with continuous highway lighting will also be operational.

The switch to the 4 lane configuration will happen in 3 phases. The schedule for the work is as follows:

Week of October 2nd – Shift traffic to 4 lanes between Church Road and the railroad overpass

Mid to Late October – Shift traffic to 4 lanes between the railroad overpass and Pittman Road

Late October to Early November – Last phase will be to open the new bridge and tie roadway into the phase 1 & 2 configurations

If you have any additional questions please let me know.

Thank You,

Todd Smith

Project Engineer


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2017 Parks Hwy Milepost 92 PUFA

Public NoticesThe Parks Highway Mile 92 Personal Use Area will be open to harvesting of mixed saw timber. Live standing spruce saw timber must be greater than 9” diameter at breast height (dbh) and live standing birch saw timber must be greater than 11" dbh to be harvested during this offering. All dead down and dead standing timber may also be harvested. All timber is available on a first come first served basis beginning Thursday, January 19, 2017. The harvest area is located east of the Parks Highway at approximately Mile 92.2. Harvesting is not allowed outside the flagged area marked on the ground.

A $25 permit is required and may be obtained from the Land & Resource Management Division between the hours of 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri. beginning Thursday, January 19, 2017, at the Mat-Su Borough Administration Building, located at 350 E. Dahlia Avenue, Palmer; and at the Talkeetna Library located at 23151 S. Talkeetna Road in Talkeetna. Please contact the library at 861-7645 for their hours/days of operation.

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Notice to Voters

Public NoticesFrom MSB

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough will hold a regular election on Tuesday, October 3, 2017; however, not every precinct within the Borough will be open on election day or have a Borough ballot to vote.

Why You Ask?

An areawide question means that everyone in the Borough can vote on that question. There are no areawide questions on the Borough ballot this year, so not every precinct has a candidate or proposition they are qualified/eligible to vote on.

In the past, School Board seats were an Areawide question (race) that the entire Borough voted on. In 2015 the voters decided to make School Board seats districted, which made the seats non-areawide (district specific) questions. This year there are no races for Assembly or School Board in Districts 1, 2, and 7.

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UPDATE: Public Notice: Proposed Purchase of Flat Lake Access

Public NoticesUpdate contributed by Rep. Dan Mayfield

"I'm very happy to report that the Mat-Su Assembly approved the purchase of the Flat Lake access this evening at our regular meeting. This purchase ensures that this overland passage will continue to provide a safe public access to Mud Lake and Flat Lake, provide access to trails and promote commerce in our community in perpetuity. Having worked on this result for many years now, even before I was on the Assembly, I am very pleased with this decision. I expect the Borough will host a ribbon cutting event in the following weeks, after closing on the purchase. Please keep your eye out for the invitation.

Very Best Regards,

Dan Mayfield

Mat-Su Assembly

District 5"

Flat Lake Map, source AKDF&G

Previously contributed

Submitted by Rep. Dan Mayfield

MSB Ordinance Serial Number 17-060 is coming up for public hearing and deliberation at the next regular Mat-Su Borough Assembly meeting on June 6th at 6:00 PM in Palmer. This ordinance is sponsored by me and if approved, will appropriate $71,300 from the Land Management Reserve to purchase the land immediately adjacent to the Flat Lake Channel from the Mental Health Trust. The purpose of the purchase is to dedicate this land as a public use transportation corridor within the Big Lake Community. The purchase price is significantly below market value and will provide public access to property owners and visitors in perpetuity.

Here's a little background:

Big Lake is connected to two other lakes via small water channels that were put in by the Army Corp of Engineers in the 60s and 70s. From East to west, you have Big Lake, connected to Mud Lake, connected to Flat Lake by these water channels. The land immediately adjacent to the Mud Lake channel was previously owned by the Mental Health Trust and the land immediately adjacent to the Flat Lake channel is currently owned by the Mental Health Trust.

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Public Notices: MSB 2017 Competitive Sealed Bid Land Sale

Public Noticesfrom MSB

Parcels that are new on the market are offered through a Competitive Land Sale. A minimum bid is established for each parcel and the qualified party who offers to purchase the property for the highest amount, at or above the minimum bid price, shall be named the successful bidder. See brochure for specific details.

Parcels that are not sold through the Competitive Land Sale will be made available through future Over-the-Counter Land Sales. These parcels are offered on a sealed bid / competitive basis for the purchase price listed in the brochure.

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Public Notices: Draft Herning Trail Concept Plan

Public Noticesfrom MSB

Re-establishing the Historic Herning Trail

The Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation has partnered with the Knik Chapter of the Iditarod Trail Blazers, Big Lake Trails, Inc., the City of Houston, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska DNR, the National Park Service, and Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers to re-establish the historic Herning Trail to celebrate our Borough's history and enhance outdoor recreation and economic opportunities. In the 1990s, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources mapped an RS2477 easement for the Herning Trail, running from the historic townsite of Knik to Houston. The Herning Trail project team has prepared a draft Historic Herning Trail Concept Plan for review and posted it on the borough webpage. Please review the draft plan to learn more about the history and future of the historic Herning Trail. For more information about the project, visit Thank you for your help in creating a world-class trails system in the Mat-Su Borough!

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Public Notices: Purinton Products Site – Administrative Material Extraction Permit

Public Noticesvia Email

An administrative permit, under MSB 17.30 – Conditional Use Permit for Earth Materials Extraction Activities, has been submitted by Isaac Pearson on the behalf of Purinton Products, LLC. The applicant is requesting the removal up to 7,000 cubic yards annually through 2018. The total area of earth material extraction activity will occur on approximately 12.8 acres of the 37.56 acre parcel.

Location: 21252 W. Susitna Parkway (Tax ID# 16N04W02A005); within Township 16 North, Range 4 West, Section 3, Seward Meridian.

Applicant: Isaac Pearson, on the behalf of Purinton Products, LLC

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Public Notices > Ficklin Pit Earth Materials Extraction Permit

Public NoticesThe Matanuska-Susitna Borough has received an application for an Administrative Permit for earth materials extraction under MSB 17.30.030(A)(1). The site is located at 20806 W. Fox Loop, Big Lake (MSB Tax ID# 6265B02L003 & 6265B02L004); within Township 16N, Range 04 West, Section 03, Seward Meridian. The Administrative Permit is for two years to allow the extraction of 6,000 to 9,000 cubic yards in the first year in Phase II, and 10,000 to 15,000 cubic yards during the second year for Phase I.

The plan of operation is seasonal typically running from April to November. The total area of activity will occur on two adjoining lots in Robertson Acres on Lot 3 consisting of 5.81 acres, and Lot 4 consisting of 2.19 acres. The total acreage of the combined lots is 8 acres with 5.29 scheduled to be mined.

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Five Year Timber Harvest Schedule 2017-2021

Public NoticesSuggested by a Big Lake Community Council Member

Pursuant to MSB Code 23.20.090, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough (Borough), Land and Resource Management Division, is providing a draft of the 2017-2021 Five Year Timber Harvest Schedule (Schedule) for public review and comment. Links to the Schedule are available on the Boroughs Public Notice page at and on the Borough's Resource Sales page at

Copies of the Schedule are being sent to all affected Community Councils, and all Borough Assembly Members. Written public comments are due no later than May 26, 2017. After review of the written public comments, including any changes that are addressed as a result of the comments received; the final draft Schedule and written public comments will be forwarded to the Borough Planning Commission and Assembly for their consideration.

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