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Tuesday, December 12 2017 @ 10:48 AM AKST


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RecreationDue to the current warming trend, the entirety of Denali State Park will close to snowmachine use at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, April 28. For more information, please contact the Mat-Su Alaska State Parks office at 907-745-8950.
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Recreation(Palmer, AK) – Due to the current warming trend, Alaska State Parks announces that the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area and the Hatcher Pass East Management Area will close to snowmachine use at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, April 14. This closure includes the entire east side of Hatcher Pass, up to and including Summit Lake State Recreation Area.

If there is a dramatic change in the weather and colder temperatures keep the snowpack from diminishing, State Park Rangers will re-evaluate conditions and the public will be notified.
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Official Message on Iditarod XLII Restart in Willow

RecreationWasilla, Alaska – (February 17, 2014) – The Restart of Iditarod XLII will take place in Willow on Sunday, March 2 at 2:00 p.m.

The Iditarod Trail Committee Board of Directors met for two hours earlier today and made the decision after hearing detailed plans from its race staff to work on various areas of the historic trail.
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DPS Highlighting Snowmachine Safety

Recreation(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – The Department of Public Safety is emphasizing the importance of Snowmachine Safety to encourage outdoor enthusiasts to make smart decisions while operating in Alaska’s backcountry. DPS will promote snowmachine safety from Feb. 13 - 23 by airing a PSA.

It’s a great time of year for snowmachine enthusiasts to enjoy the great outdoors.

Create and share a detailed trip plan with someone not riding with you

Check the weather and snow conditions and dress accordingly

Always wear a helmet and ride within your experience level

Respect other area and trail users and pass with care

Never consume alcohol (or drugs) when planning to ride

Remember, the best rides are those from which you make it home safely

By following these easy suggestions, you can help keep yourself safe.
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Snowmachine access opens for eastern Hatcher Pass

Recreation(Palmer, AK) – The Mat-Su Area Office of Alaska State Parks announced that as of Saturday, Jan. 11, the east side of Hatcher Pass will be open to snowmobiles from the Goldmint Trailhead Parking Lot at Mile 14.5 to the Hatcher Pass Summit at Mile 19 of the Hatcher Pass Road.

The west side of Hatcher Pass, including that portion of Summit Lake State Recreation Site west of the pass will also be open to snowmobiles. The trail to the summit is a multi-use trail, so snowmobilers should obey the posted speed limit and watch for hikers, skiers and snowboarders.
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4 Russian Travel Tips for Visiting America

Recreation"As an American, you can find volumes of travel books instructing you how to behave when you visit other countries—which seemingly innocent hand gestures are vulgar in Romania, for example, or how close you can stand to a Japanese businessman. But what about when foreigners visit our country?

It’s not easy to find out what the non-English speaking world thinks of us, as it is another unique peculiarity of Americans that most only speak one language. But Google speaks many, even Russian. So with Google’s help, I set out to learn more about “американский этикет,” or, Russia’s take on American etiquette. (Note: Some of my interpretations of these translations may be a bit liberal, and we welcome any translation help from Russian-speaking Flossers.)"
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