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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about The Big Lake Times, and Help Notes.

What's this about? The Big Lake Times was started by a few residents of Big Lake to provide a community news, information, and discussion site.

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The Big Lake Times was launched on 1 Jan 2014, and we have been working to create a community-based news, information, and discussion site for the residents of Big Lake, the Susitna Valley, and also for businesses, opportunities, and visitors. You can help in this endeavor by submitting articles (use the "Contribute" link above), news tips, comments, suggestions, and by telling your friends and neighbors both near and far. Tell us how we're doing, and check out the links. Built by and for the People of Big Lake.

Covering The Susitna Valley, from Meadow Lakes to Chase; Talkeetna, Sunshine, Trapper Creek, Petersville, Willow, Houston, Big Lake, and KGB. News, weather, sports, information, and resources for the resident or visitor.

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23 June 2014 We now require new users to register using "CAPTCHA" to prevent Spammers, Bots, and other unfriendly actors. Before submitting a form, including a comment, some users must move a slider. Compatible with touch interface so it's mobile-friendly. Logged-in users will not be required to use this feature. It looks like the slider on your phone.

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It was not long ago that news took months to arrive, now even the 24 hour cable news services are relatively slow. We are filling the gap with this free online news site. Stay up-to-date on what's happening in Big Lake and the Susitna Valley from your mobile device or computer.

Check back regularly or subscribe for free to keep up to date on what’s happening in beautiful Big Lake, Alaska. Send in your news tips, events, and suggestions, and grow with us. The Big Lake Times has a News Feed. Stay up to date with all the news, events, and more! The Big Lake Times News Feed.

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