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This website has a lot of traffic from persons who seek news and information about Big Lake and the Susitna Valley. We cover the underserved area of the Susitna Valley from Chase to Meadow Lakes, including Talkeetna, Trapper Creek, Sunshine, Willow, Houston, Petersville, Knik and KGB. It is a simple, quick, mobile-friendly community news and discussion web site adhering to the "kiss" principle and used regularly by many people, businesses and government agencies. We offer a wide and flexible variety of prices and sizing opportunities to get your message out.

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Traditionally advertisers/sponsors have participated in a rotating banner with additional links. As requested other ways of sponsoring have been considered. For economy, we added a text only option that would not be in the rotating banner but on pages, and for extra sponsorship some secondary pages have allowed extra advertising. You may also submit an article about your event at no charge, or for $50 we post your "Sponsored Story" featuring your business. You may also submit a link and if approved, will be added to The Big Lake Times "Links" pages, free of charge. Your link will be featured on the Front Page for 2 weeks. Classified ads are free and DIY.

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Display Ads By request The Big Lake Times is now offering advertising opportunities that display a graphic or image, sometimes referred to as "Banner Ads". These are featured on the Front Page, as well as on topics.Your artwork will have to be approved first, and we do not accept flashing or otherwise distracting animated graphics. If you wish and have paid for more than one month we will rotate your ad(s) for you in the same space. You may include a link to your site or event with the ad, which we will set up for you as part of your purchase.

Here are some standard sizes:

250 x 250 Square Click for a sample

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1 month: $70

2 months: $ 120

3 months: $ 165

120x240 Also known as a "vertical banner", this format can fit into small spaces and like our other opportunities, is mobile-friendly. Click here for an example

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1 month: $75

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3 months $ 200

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1 month: $200

2 months: $325

3 months $450


An inquiry expressed a query about statistics of the site. You may see the statistics by clicking on the "Site Statistics" link at the top of this site. Your ad and/or article will receive up to 5,000 views or more per day. We also receive over 1,000 unique visitors every day, and are moving up in the search rankings of Google and Bing among others due to our rich content and mobile-friendly site. You can view for yourself the number of views a story receives. Stories are also posted to Facebook, Twitter, and news feed services.

The Big Lake Times receives over 5,000 visitors per day from over 116 countries. In October 2015, for example, the site shows 179,401 pages viewed, and 470 links followed.


Payment may be by cash, credit card, or business check or money order. We may be contacted by email at, or by postal mail at:

The Big Lake Times P.O. Box 520481 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Please contact us for verification of size, price, location and details.

Prices subject to change.

If you are interested, a human will go over details with you. Feel like you lack in artistic skills? No problem, we'll work with you to get your message by word or design out there. We can assist you with your advertising goals and if agreed by both parties after review your payment can be made by methods that are mutually acceptable. To contact us by email you may email us at

The act of contacting us by form or other means does not commit either party to purchase.

Grow your business, advertise with The Big Lake Times today. It pays to advertise on The Big Lake Times.

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