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Wednesday, March 21 2018 @ 06:54 AM AKDT


Welcome to The Big Lake Times. This page will provide you with information on how to submit articles, comments, and use the filters to customize your experience.

Submitting an Article for Consideration To submit a news article for consideration by the editors use the "Contribute" link at the top of the site or click here. You may include images or graphics, and format it in HTML. If you prefer, email your article to and we will work with you on your article, or post it for you if it meets with our acceptable use policy.

How to Comment To post a comment to an article on The Big Lake Times is easy. The Big Lake Times is one of the few sites on the internet that allows posting from users that are not logged in. To prevent automatic spamming of our server, we require a test for users that are not logged in. To make the site more friendly to mobile users and those with visual or other impairments, we use a slider type confirmation that you are a human, rather that the traditional captcha that is a mix of letters and numbers, or worse a picture. Click here for a step by step graphic illustration about posting comments.

How to use The Big Lake Times Filters to Customize Your News The Big Lake Times website offers many features that you may not be aware of, or aren't sure how to use. For example, we recently received an inquiry from a reader requesting a way that he could see just the stories from a topic. We appreciate and welcome suggestions from You, the Reader of The Big Lake Times, for improvements.

We offer a variety of filters, some built-in, like replacing some "very bad words", antispam, and some you can set yourself.

To get started Log into (or create) your free account. You may want to read our Terms of Use legal page first.

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